Registered Dental Hygienist, Mississauga

Check Your Mouth SAVE You Life

The Canadian Cancer Society statistics for 2017 estimated the percent distribution of oral cancer cases to be 9th overall for males and 14th for females. The    lifetime probability of developing oral cancer was estimated at 1 in 68 for males and 1 in 136 for females. The Check Your Mouth™ campaign features an interactive website ( that offers easy-to-use tools and tips for a quick visual and tactile examination of the oral cavity.  Individuals can learn to self-discover the early symptoms of disease and then seek further evaluation from a dental professional if necessary. Caught early, every negative part of this; from treatments to ultimate outcome, are lessened in severity.

They are going to show you how to do easily routine self-exam in about 5-10 minutes once a month.

Video is available at:!/video

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Registered Dental Hygienist, Mississauga